Why Art of Love?

We have created many beautiful and glamourous weddings for high profiles, local artists and couples from United Kingdom, Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, just to name a few.

What sets Art of Love apart (aside from their massive experience) is that it is led by Certified Wedding Specialist (CWS). Our creativities are crafted upon inspiration from fashion, art, interior design, culture, and history. We develop only the original and a reflection of you. 

Our couples are busy professionals, couples that live abroad and those who want to save time and have a peace of mind, while enjoying the journey leading to their wedding day. If you are one who is adventurous and is up for doing something that has never been done, we want to speak with you. 

We listen, we understand, and we deliver the results. Making the best and the most unforgettable times of your lives is utterly important to you, and us.At Art of Love, we create the dream weddings that only you deserve.