The beginning of Art of Love

Many have asked, why the name Art of Love. What does it really mean? Are we incorporating ‘art’ into love? 

At Art of Love, we believed that anything we do, are driven by our ‘Why’ which evolve around ‘Love’ – the love for family, the love for what you like to do, the love for achievement, the love for celebration & more. 

The ‘act’ of doing it and achieving them driven by the core reason, despite of how you feel – this act is an Art – should be marked into your memory with a celebration – big or small.

Celebrating your life milestones, celebrating your team’s achievements, birthdays and the list goes on (don’t let it stop 😉). In fact, we should celebrate all wins.

The Founder

Louise Teh

Founder of Art of Love. 

Louise Teh is truly a born leader and raised in the beautiful, multi-national country of Malaysia. She graduated from University of Technology, Sydney holding a degree in business and further pursued her Master’s Degree in Legal Studies, covering different aspects of business. She also held multiple leadership positions in honors and social organizations. 

The love to the uniqueness of different culture and passion for events is always embedded in Louise Teh. During her University days, she was honored to be given the opportunity to lead the committee in organizing Malaysia Festival (‘Mfest’) at Darling Harbor, Sydney, which has an average of 20,000 attendees. 

Louise Teh is known for her passion for perfection, ensuring each event is unique and seamless to every details. Applying her professionalism from her earlier Investment Banking experience and enthusiastic energy put clients at ease and ensuring positive planning experience from day one. 

She is patient, calm, loving, giving and fun in her nature. Louise Teh loves to travel and be inspired in many ways (even by watching a movie). Her dream is to reach-out to the community through her career path.